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Frequently asked questions

Where can we find you?

We're located at 14 Market Street, Hednesford, Cannock, WS12 1AF. You can follow the interactive map on our home page for full directions from where you are.
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What kind of keys do you do?

We can help with a huge range of keys; house-keys, car-keys, caravan-keys-you name the key and we can usually do it for you.

Which house keys can you supply?

We can help with just about any house keys you can imagine. With over thirty-five years in the business it's not often we see something new but even if we do we can usually find a solution!

What type of car keys can you help with?

Not so very long ago there was only one type of car key. Now there are literally thousands of different types. Some with transponders, some with blippers and even keyless-entry fobs. Chances are we can help with whatever you want but please get in touch with us and we'll let you know. We can normally make a very handsome saving for you over main dealer prices.


What sort of locks can you help with?

We can help with virtually any type of lock you care to name. From 3-5 lever Chubb, Era and Sterling locks to euro cylinders of all sizes plus the new anti-snap locks; we've either got it in stock or can locate it for you at the most competitive rates around. Give us a try-you won't be disappointed.

Can you cut and programme keys I buy off the internet?

With car keys bought off the internet, the chips are usually "locked" to a particular car, even when the key itself is a blank. The description often says that the key and chip are blanks however this is almost always not true. If you provide the key blank we can attempt to cut and programme the key to your car however, we must point out that if it doesn't work, due to the fact that the key IS locked to another car, then a diagnostic fee of £50 will be charged.  Sometimes trying to save yourself money may not work out in the long run. If in doubt, just give us a call before you buy anything on the internet and we can help to advise you the most economical and effective route to take.

Can you help with window locks?

Absolutely. Once again there are hundreds, if not thousands of different brands and varieties on the market. If you can show us what you need we can normally either obtain an exact replacement for you or offer a compatible alternative or sometimes get the original repaired.

What about lock fitting and repairs?

We offer a full service. We can supply and fit locks of all types and varieties and even get older locks repaired. We have access to the most experienced and talented lock manufacturing engineers anywhere in the country and we can often manufacture replacement component parts to bring new life to old but very effective locks.

Do you do emergency call-outs for lock repairs?

Yes. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week we have our own expert lock engineers on stand-by to help if disaster strikes and the worst happens. For emergency call outs ring 07951 473 779.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can call us on 01543 422936 or call in to see us-we're at 14 Market Street, Hednesford, Cannock, WS12 1AF. Click on our home page for a fully interactive map. Don't forget there's plenty of parking nearby!

What do you need to make a new key?

Just bring along the original key - it's important that it isn't a copy - and we'll usually be able to make a new copy for you in a matter of minutes. If you think you may need more copies in the future please ask about our special rates for multiple copies.

Do you do safes and safety deposit boxes?

Yes. We have a wide range available in stock and have excellent relationships with all of the major manufacturers including Chubb so we can offer unbiased advice and source the right solution for your individual requirements.

Do you do padlocks?

Yes. We have a wide range of padlocks ranging from the smallest, low-cost cupboard locks right up to the highest security rated bolt-cutter proof gate locks. We encourage you to talk to us about your specific needs as we can often help with obtaining the right lock for the specific purpose and environment.

Can you help with house numbers and name-plates?

Certainly. There's a very broad choice ranging from simple, neat, low-cost numbers right the way through to craftsmen-made plaques in a large choice of sizes, materials and finishes.

Can you do celebration keys?

We have a choice of celebration keys for eighteenth and twenty-first birthdays and also anniversaries too. They make a lovely gift and we can engrave them with whatever personal message you want on them for that special touch.

Can you cut keys from blanks I got off the internet?

There are thousands of different types of keys, so the chances of you purchasing the keys to match your own are rather slim. If you bring them in we will have a look and see if we can successfully cut your key using your blank or not. The quality of material and design will be down to who you purchased the key blank from. We will only be cutting it for you. We stock and use only use the highest quality raw materials and can therefore guarantee that the copies we make from your original keys using our blanks will work every time. Some of the alternatives out on the internet may look cheap but generally we don't consider it to be sensible to cut corners where quality is concerned.

What type of engraving do you do?

We engrave anything from a pen, key-tag, cigarette lighter through to plaques, trophies, bowls, etc etc. We have vast range of products in stock and quick access to virtually anything that you could possibly want to be engraved. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help. Ring us on 01543 422936.

Can you do car number plates?

Yes! Just bring along all of your details and we'll take care of it.